Latest "Right News" Release

November 08, 2023

In October, we we started rolling out a new version of our app, Right News 2.x.

We streamlined the user interface by grouping the content into 3 categories:

  • Articles
  • Podcasts
  • Videos

We greatly improved the podcast feature. On top of the existing functionality, it now has fast-forward, reverse and “go to start”.
It also memorizes the position of the last 20 listened podcasts, so you can easily resume from where you left off.

Starting with this version, we allow the end user to select the news sources to be loaded in this app. We are even allowing the addition of custom news source from the Settings section of the app (more details to come).

Under the hood, it’s a completely new platform that allows us faster development across various platforms. Since this app version gathers its own content and doesn’t rely on a centralized content server, it no longer has a single point of failure.

At the time of this writing, the rollout is complete for the iOS and Web versions. The Android rollout is still under way.

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