End of Support for Older "Right News" Versions

April 20, 2024


Starting in September 2024, versions of the Right News app numbered 1 and below will be discontinued, and will no longer receive new articles.

Please consider updating to version 2 at your earliest convenience.

How to check your app version

The easiest method to verify your app version is by accessing the app’s menu and selecting the About option.

If you arrived at this page by tapping on an article within the app, it’s likely you’re using version 1.

How to upgrade

Please follow the link below and select the appropriate version based on your device type.


For mobile users, the provided link will attempt to redirect you to the respective app store.

What if I cannot upgrade to the latest app version?

If you encounter difficulties updating, it’s likely due to your device’s operating system no longer being supported.

For Apple devices, ensure you are running iOS 11 or later.

Android devices should have at least Android 5, though it may function on some older models (API 19+).

If upgrading your device isn’t feasible, you can always access the web version at



As we get older, our health problems start to multiply.

Sadly, I am not immune to the passing of time, either. I find myself allocating more time to my ailments and less and less to maintaining the infrastructure required by version 1 of this app.

Version 2, on the other hand, was built from the ground up to be self-reliant and should continue to work when I’m no longer around.

Thank you for your understanding and keep up the good fight!
~ Paul

Illustration: A "Please Upgrade" street sign

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