Was Slavery Really Abolished?

November 28, 2021

A slave is someone who:

  1. Cannot retain any of the fruits of his labor, and / or
  2. Doesn’t own his body.

1. Tax Slavery

In my neck of the woods, I pay about 30% average tax on my salary. Then, I have to pay 13% sales tax on the things I buy. And of course, I have to pay about 5% of my income on property / municipal taxes.

Wait, that’s not all. On top of all the above, the government prints money to the tune of about 10% per year. Which means any savings I have will be worth 10% less next year.

Adding it all up, and taking into account that not everything I buy has a sales tax (how generous of the government!), that brings us to about 50%, give or take.

If a slave is someone who cannot retain any of the fruits of his labor, how do you call someone who can only retain half of it? Half slave?

I can hear the statists say ”Yes, but the state does X for you!”, where X is usually decrepit state-run healthcare, or crumbling roads, or…

Yeah, so did the slave owners.

2. Medical Slavery

When the government decrees that, if you want to have a job (and be able to eat), you have to put substance ”V” into your body, you no longer own your body.
It belongs to the state now.

On cue, the leftist banshees will cry ”It’s no different than wearing a seatbelt!

The last time I checked, the seatbelt wasn’t injecting anything into my body. But I will check again, just to make sure.

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